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  • 10 Business Name, Company Name or Brand Name, Slogans


    10 Business Taglines.
    10 Business Names.
    10 Domain Names (Domain Extra required, will be for availability check only) .
    10 Book Titles.
    10 Product Names.
    10 Names of Whatever–You ask us to do for you.
    we will do your work perfectly.

  • Analyzing Which Price Your Customers are Willing To Pay


    we will analyze how much your customers are willing to pay for 1 product or service.
    we will analyze how much your customers are willing to pay for 2 products or services.
    we will analyze how much your customers are willing to pay for 3 products or services.
    Customer Analysis.

  • Build Your Sales Funnel

    • Customer Value Optimization.
    • Customer Acquisition.
    • Email Marketing Specialist.
    • Content Marketing.
    • Optimization & Testing.
    • Social & Community Manager.
    • Analytics & Data Specialist.
    • E-commerce Marketing Specialist.
    • Search Marketing Specialist.
  • Carry Out Top Notch Personal or Brand Reputation Management


    Service will include :
    Removal of negative search results.
    Removal of any types of link.
    A link will be removed from all search engine.
    we will push positive links about you to the first page.
    Any kind of review and Negative comment and Any Google link can be removed!
    You will be given a full report of work and a time frame that will confirm when the links will disappear!

  • Chat Bot Consultation


    Messaging Platform:

    • Facebook Messenger.
    • Instagram.
    • SMS.
    • Website.
    • WhatsApp.
    • Payment.

    Bot Type:

    • Shopping/Ordering.
    • Customer Service.
    • Lead Info Capture.
    • Development Technology.
    • Payment.
  • Coaching You To Succeed as an Entrepreneur and Leader


    Challenges for an entrepreneur tend to appear in one of five shapes:
    1. Leadership: The first form of challenge comes with hair on top, i.e. are people problems.
    Whether it is an investor, a co-worker or the team – we can help you with it.
    2. Personal skills: Presenting to investors, selling to clients, negotiating contracts with suppliers, solving conflicts within the team…you need a broad spectrum of personal skills to succeed.
    we help you isolate what might be a weak spot and close the skill gap.
    3. Strategic: A company is in principle composed of six core building blocks: strategy, structure, systems, staff, culture and infrastructure.
    If they are well aligned things run smoothly.
    But they seldom are.
    we help you to find out what to change and how to do it.
    4. Financial: how to increase revenues or decrease costs.
    5. Beliefs: As an entrepreneur you go through some tough phases…and often alone.

  • Company Info, Mission and Vision Statement


    we will write company info, mission and vision statement.
    services we offer:
    Mission Statements.
    Vision Statements.
    About Us.
    Core Values.

  • Compare Your Business With It’s Your Competitors


    you will receive a market analysis report with 10 pages (in PDF) and the following content:
    Value proposition (of your company and 1-3 competitors).
    Business Model Canvas (of your company and 1-3 competitors).
    An analysis of the similarities and differences between the value propositions.
    A positioning matrix, which visualizes the results of the analysis.

  • Conduct Usability Testing For Your Site Or App

    $3,073 $2,800

    Usability testing includes:
    kickoff, test plan with scenarios, 5 moderated sessions, report.
    Usability testing includes:
    kickoff, test plan with scenarios, 10 moderated sessions, report.
    Everything in the Standard package, plus recruiting the right participants.
    Market Trends.
    Customer Analysis.
    Executive Summary.

  • Craft Your Business and Financial Plan


    The Full Plan includes everything that an investor or bank would look for: executive summary, problem and solution, strategy, go-to-market, risks, financials etc.
    We will adapt the format to your specific needs.
    At the idea stage, you may focus on Strategy and Market first to see how the idea translates into a business.
    You need to discuss how to start? Select the Consultation Call option.
    Every situation is different, please do reach out before ordering!
    Plan Purpose:
    Investors roadshow.
    Loan approval.
    Partnerships / Joint ventures.
    Personal use.

  • Create 15 Top Business Name Domain Brand Company Website


    understanding your business, its target audience, and any initial direction you may have.
    we do extensive market research to understand and know your competitors.
    At the process of the order, we might ask further question about your business if the need arises.
    we develop names based on linguistics and market trends and as new thoughts and Ideas comes in, we edit the names already brainstormed with new thoughts and ideas and make sure they perfectly fit your business and confirm it’s not already taken before sending you the names.
    All the names we suggest will have:
    Domain availability.
    Social availability and Trademark availability.

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