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  • Create Market Research and Strategy


    Competitor marketing research and marketing analysis:
    SEO, AdWords, backlinks, marketing strategy.
    For market research and preparation of marketing plan.

  • Develop a Pricing Strategy For Your Business


    you will receive a document with 10+ pages (PDF) and the following content:
    Executive summary.
    Calculation of cost and sales price.
    Analysis of opportunities for price discrimination, incentives, quantity differentiated product lines, Customer Lifetime Value tactics, customer decision tactics, customer segmentation and product lifecycle tactics.
    Analysis of “hot” price points in the market.
    we will develop a pricing strategy for 1 product or service.
    we will develop a pricing strategy for 2 products or services.
    we will develop a pricing strategy for 3 products or services.
    Executive Summary.

  • Develop Brand Marketing Strategy Identity Positioning Story


    we will show you what strategies have worked for brands in your category.
    we will share category specific brand examples helping you identify your current brand strengths and then suggest workable action pointers for you to continue strengthen your brand standing.
    You will be given an analysis of the current marketing activities run by your competition and actions pointers will be suggested on what needs to be improved.
    Looking forward to connect and develop brand marketing strategy identity positioning story for you.

  • Winning Strategy & Business Plan


    If you are an entrepreneur still figuring out your business model your needs are very different from those of a small business owner trying to break through some growth hurdles.Therefore, the content can look quite different in each case.
    that is what my service to you will be like.
    The project contents depend on:
    Your goals.
    Target audience for the documents.
    Your specific set-up.

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