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  • Create Charts & Project Management Tools


    It includes defining the project objectives, making schedules and assigning tasks, in order to accomplish a successful goal we offer numerous tools including:

    • Gantt chart.
    • PERT chart.
    • Mind map.
    • Calendar.
    • Timeline.
    • Work Breakdown Structure.
    • Status table.
    • Fishbone diagram.
    • Critical path.
    • Risk Analysis.
    • Project Charter.
  • Creating a Chart


    1. Breaking down your project tasks into subtasks with realistic or shared timelines.
    2. Planned Activities Vs Actual Activities.
    3. Ability to track, change, and report on every key metric.
    4. Linking resources and corresponding activities with the activity of the project.
    5. Creation of project plan and an associated Gantt chart for any kind of project.
    6. Creation of project with predecessors, resources, and activity duration.
    7. Resource Leveling of the Project.
    8. Calculation of the critical path of the project.

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