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  • Create a Plan To Launch Your Business


    you will get a business plan with 10+ pages (in PDF) and the following content:
    Description of business idea.
    Customer Analysis.
    Value proposition design.
    Business Model Canvas.
    SWOT analysis.
    Marketing strategy (Product, Price, Place and Promotion).
    Financial plan (in Excel; this includes an Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement and a Balance Sheet based on assumptions).
    Tailored Marketing Plan.

  • Develop a Pricing Strategy For Your Business


    you will receive a document with 10+ pages (PDF) and the following content:
    Executive summary.
    Calculation of cost and sales price.
    Analysis of opportunities for price discrimination, incentives, quantity differentiated product lines, Customer Lifetime Value tactics, customer decision tactics, customer segmentation and product lifecycle tactics.
    Analysis of “hot” price points in the market.
    we will develop a pricing strategy for 1 product or service.
    we will develop a pricing strategy for 2 products or services.
    we will develop a pricing strategy for 3 products or services.
    Executive Summary.

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