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Our highly effective vetting process will ensure maximized results based on key indicators and insights in your business; enabling us to make informed decisions and adjust our strategy to continually get you closer to your goals.


Analyze and create a tailored action plan developed specifically for your business goals and the steps needed to achieve that next level of success.


Creativity is beyond any limits, we team is always ready for new challenges. No matter what, we will provide you with the perfect solution for your business.

Safely Automation

Sit back and let the automation’s work their magic as you control the throttle switch that scales the revenue your business generates… Buckle up!


Implementation of the automation department to increase the value of the return (returns profits)

Our Services

Marketing Analytics

Understand the market, know your competitors, and stay ahead of the game.

Web Design & IT

Your website is your gate to the world. Our skills and creativity will lead your business to what’s beyond.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is your way to reach more potential clients for your business.

Landing Pages

A landing page is any web page that a consumer can land on, that serves a single and focused purpose.

Funnel Automation

A well made marketing funnel helps you to generate new leads efficiently. It starts with the initial stage of learning about your brand to make purchases.

Lead Generating

While lead acquisition, by definition, involves using both inbound and outbound tactics to generate leads, most sales reps and marketers find more success with inbound strategies.

Digital Marketing

Online marketing is your gate to make your brand international.

Social Media Marketing

Reach millions of users around the world through your social media.

Online Advertising

Paid online advertising is one of the most efficient ways of reaching new customers at the time they are most likely to buy your products.

Graphic Design

Graphic Designs are an important part of the project it serves to convey your ideas in an effective and beautiful way.

Events & Seminars

Within the project, we can organize training sessions, workshop, seminars, meetings, info days and other events on specific subjects.

Premium Support

We support team is dedicated to your success. We offer premium add-ons that provide access to faster response times, No matter how complex the need.

Our Work Process

Process quality to achieve your smarter goals



Funnel Design


Our Portfolio

The City Marketing House team sees the world differently. Everything around us has to beautiful and unique. Our goal is to make the world a better place where technology and creativity know no limits. Your success is our story!

Best Selling Services

Discover our best-selling services that help our customers achieve their business goals with high quality directly and quickly

  • Build Your Sales Funnel

    • Customer Value Optimization.
    • Customer Acquisition.
    • Email Marketing Specialist.
    • Content Marketing.
    • Optimization & Testing.
    • Social & Community Manager.
    • Analytics & Data Specialist.
    • E-commerce Marketing Specialist.
    • Search Marketing Specialist.
  • Digital Marketing Plan


    We will provide:

    • Easy marketing plan.
    • Easy marketing plan based on top 5 competitors strategies.
    • Tailored Action Plan.
    • Competitors Research.
    • Audience Insights.
    • Keywords Research
    • Referral Websites.
    • Competitor Profile.
    • Tailored Action Plan.
  • Create Awesome Marketing Plan


    Marketing and business plan:

    • Market Analysis, Target Market Segment Strategy, Product positioning, Competitive Edge & Analysis.
    • Detail audit of your current marketing activities.
    • Actionable marketing plan for your business to get results immediately.
    • Marketing and business plan with Executive Summary, Industry, Market Analysis,SWOT.
    • Market Trends.
    • SWOT Analysis.
    • Competitive Analysis.
    • Customer Analysis.
    • Executive Summary.
    • TAM calculation or analysis.
  • Data Entry, Data Analysis and Data Mining


    We will provide you following services:

    • Data Entry.
    • Data Analysis.
    • Data Collection.
    • Data Mining.
    • Excel Formulas Spreadsheet.
    • Manual Typing.
    • Data Surfing.
    • Data Capturing from the web.
    • Offline and Online Data Entry

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